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Last Diablo 2 Ladder Reset Date :  22nd November 2016

Next Diablo 2 Ladder Reset Date : 30 Mays 2017


(New Loyalty Reward Started !!)

For registered User ONLY 

Each time you buy you will cumulate Point .

You can change point for $ card ! ( Only can be used on www.d2hc.com )

250 Point for 4$

500 Point for 10$

1000 Point for 23$

1500 Point For 35$

2000 Point For 50$

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Make sure to be logged when you do the payment !

The Number os Points Will be show on My account Page !

When you want to Change Point for $ Email us at Admin@d2hc.com we will put the $ on your account whit a coupon code !!

the $ can be used at any time for any item that is in stock !

 for any comment or question Email us at admin@d2hc.com !

– Spend 5.99$ or more Get 1 free Spirit monarch + CTA !

– Spend 8.99$ Get 1x free Spirit +  Shako + Enigma

– Spend 12.99$ Get  1x free Cta + Enigma + Shako

​- Spend 20.00$ Get  1x free Cta + Enigma + Shako + Fortitude + Hoto



NEW Automated Coupon Generated for order over 5$ you will find them on your order receipe email !

They are valid for 10 Day


Diablo 2 items store !



Need help for transfering your items?
We offer free service!

All you have to do is Create Private game and

whisper us!
For hardcore ladder Useast

/w *mitis)xfer !Xfer gamename/password

For softcore ladder Useast

/w *mitis)xfer2 !Xfer gamename/password


Example: /w *mitis)xfer !Xfer help1/1
The char will stay for 10 min in game.
if he doesn’t join in the next 30 second recall him later he busy
We are not responsible for any items lost
Use at your own risk